Theta Rain


Duration : 20-min
Sound Design : Tropical Rain
Sound waves : Theta
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Theta Rain incorporates a professional field recording of hot rain and Theta binaural beats relaxing frequency.

The result is a heart-pounding brain that is ready to relieve stress, relieve stress, and allow for stress.

Just sit down, slide on your headphones, relax, and press play.

How You Can Help Rain

Theta beina binaural has been shown to relax the mind and improve meditation .

We use a frequency of 6 Hz in Sprouting Rain, which is a key point for Theta province and deserves deep relaxation and self-examination.

We’ve talked about the basic connection of rain and why people find it comforting above, but there’s something else in the equation.

Rain is also a form of white noise. White noise contains a range of interlocking waves to form a sound wall that can block other sounds in space.

How to Use This Meditation

We recommend using Thela Rain for relaxation and meditation purposes. Use a headset to get the best result.

Some may also find it helpful to listen in the evening, calm the active mind, and prepare the brain for sleep.

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