Super Brain Power


Track Length: 20 minutes
Sound Design: Instrumental, introspective chords, ambient textures
Sound Waves: Alpha, Beta

Super Brain Power increases your cognitive ability in the short and medium term.

Using a combination of Beta waves that stimulate learning centers in the brain, the brain is involved in raising awareness and higher level awareness.

This program is ideal for those who strive to access and retain information during study hours and are presented with challenging learning lessons.

Super Brain Power will benefit those who want to improve their ability to store information in the short and medium term.

Ready to listen during in-depth study sessions such as reviewing exams or while in the course. It is also good for those who have difficulty finding information in a course or workplace.

Super Brain Power uses two important frequencies: 10 Hz (Hertz) and 19 Hz. Used in combination, these waves produce significant improvements in memory, especially in retaining information when reading; which makes this recording ideal for those who wish to improve research performance.

Super Brain Power starts in the Alpha area at 10 Hz, which means you will feel relaxed immediately but stay alert and focused.

Performing high-level brain activity and monitoring rejuvenates learning centers in the brain, empowering you to acquire knowledge and study for a long time with great energy.

The recording can be listened to while you are working, or before you start your study / work time.

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