Spiritual Awakening


Track Length: 20 minutes
Sound Design: Tibetan Choir
Sound Waves: Theta
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Spiritual awakening awakens the “inner self” to help you reach a deeper state of spiritual awakening.

Installing the theta waves loaded loosely under the temporary sound, the music will take you to the higher ethers of universal knowledge, where in this state of bliss, you will find deep inner peace.

Just slide through your headphones and connect with your natural vibrations.

Meditation on spiritual awakening stimulates this power through specially made music. Regularly listening to theta waves tossed under the spiritually revitalized soundscape, constant listening will have serious consequences for your life:

  1. Improved health and energy
  2. Refreshing and refreshing mind
  3. More clarity and understanding about life
  4. Expansion of art and understanding

How to use spiritually awakened meditation

Excellent result,  find a quiet, undisturbed place; A place where you can meditate and be alone with your thoughts. This can be in a home or garden or outdoors as a local park.

You can sit or sleep – whatever the luxury – wear your headphones and let the music wash over your mind.

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