Sadhguru Chit Shakti Meditation


Sadhguru – Chit Shakti Meditations for Peace, Love, Health, Success

Everything created by humans on this planet was actually created first in our minds. So how we plan and focus on our minds will determine where our lives flow. Using the power of the mind to create the demands of his life is called Chit Shakti. The meditation directed at Chit Shakti will help you show love, health, peace and success in your life.

Each of us has desires, our list of dreams and aspirations. Creation may have its own plan for us, but our personal desires cannot be easily desired. They may be extreme or ordinary, they may want to stand out or say nothing, they may be distracting, they may be too personal to share with others, but they are ours. And for us, they are real, precious, urgent and of great importance.

Here is an unusual contribution from Sadgguru, a mysterious one that incorporates the wisdom and clarity of deep knowledge. It is a contribution that enables each of us to become our own pharmacist, empowering us to change long-held desires. Sadhguru offers this with the intention that once these wishes are fulfilled, we will turn to the ultimate goal of our ultimate well-being.

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