Power Nap


Length: 20-min
Sound Design: Ocean wave
Sound Waves: Delta
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Power Nap is designed to rejuvenate and rejuvenate your mind and body during the second half of the day.

This humble meditation takes you down to the Delta region, but not too far away as you don’t want to fall asleep too much – this is a deep sleep!

Gradually you will fall into the first stages of sleep, where you will enjoy a good night’s sleep and recharge your batteries for 30 minutes.

Getting enough sleep for 20 to 30 minutes offers a tangible benefit of alertness and improved performance, without leaving you feeling uncomfortable or interrupting sleep at night.

According to the Sleep Foundation, sleep can restore alertness, improve performance, and reduce errors and accidents.

How to Use Powerful Meditation

Power Nap is designed to take you to a state of deep relaxation. To calm your tired mind, the music is directed to 174 Hertz – often known as natural relaxation. Meanwhile, the waves of binaural beats lower you to the Delta region, which is often associated with sleep. Header is required.

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