Flow State


Length: 20 minutes
Sound Design:  Meditative bells, Soft piano, relaxing pads
Sound Waves: Alpha
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Unleash your energy and increase your productivity today.

Flow State Meditation combines your awareness with your actions to create a state of intense concentration in the present moment, allowing you to work with higher mental and physical performance.

Listen during a work of art or before the visible “get into the zone” challenge.

Flow State is often referred to as “being in the zone”. It is a state of mind in which you engage with a strong focus, fully engage, and enjoy the process of work.

We have all been in this place from time to time, where our actions and our awareness are integrated and completely focused on the present moment. We lose confidence and feel satisfied in our process.

Flow State is often associated with sports and creative endeavors such as writing, drawing and music.

These are challenges that test our skills, but our strengths are such that we may be able to meet the challenge while remaining fully active and enjoying the moment.

Being in Flow State enables us to enjoy mental and physical challenges, and above all, we are very productive. And this is the key to this modern era of persistent disruption.

How to Use Flow Meditation

Just put on the headset and relax.

The alpha condition is also considered a “zone solution”, in which you are able to overcome challenges and solve problems.

As you enter the Alpha region, you will find that your breathing is slow and while you are relaxed you will remain alert and fully present.

You can also listen to Flow State meditation before work or at work, such as before a sports game or public speaking engagement, or before an entertainment event that requires you to be in top form.

Piano credit : bensound

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