Creativity Boost


Track Length: 20 minutes
Sound Design: Warm pads, Tropical rain, delicate piano keys
Sound Waves: Theta
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Creativity Boost makes your creative juices flow. This meditation is ideal for artists and writers who are struggling to find ideas, but also for marketers / entrepreneurs who need “out of the box” inspiration.

Using the combination of Theta waves and deeply relaxing music focused on the frequency of “problem solving”, Creativity Boost opens up your creative mind and gives you access to flexible thinking and great start-ups.

These beautiful ideas come to us when we rest, stop and open our minds to the universe. And our special meditation music is a great way to get this attitude through hard work.

Studies show that listening to binaural beats improves creativity by stimulating different thinking.

Using a combination of Theta waves and relaxing meditation music, the Creativity Boost is masterfully crafted to help open your mind and empower flow.

In addition, the build is tracked at a frequency of 741 Hz (Hertz), a frequency derived from the ancient Solfeggio Scale associated with problem solving and self-expression.

As meditation, Creativity Boost takes you into a state of attention and appreciation at the present moment, increases your level of focus and attention and allows for greater flexibility in thinking.

With regular use, you will see an improved ability to access your creative stream and reach an accurate understanding.

Our helpful binaural beats meditation helps you overcome mental barriers and fill your brain with a renewed perspective.

Find a quiet place, slide on your headphones and listen before or while working to begin your creative experience. You can also practice planned meditation on this recording.

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