Alpha Waves (Binaural Beats)


Length: 20-min
Sound Design: Ocean Waves
Sound Waves: Alpha
Type of waves : Binaural beats

Waves of the Sea and Life Well

In modern times, we combine ocean waves with holidays, relaxation, and escapes.

Listening to the sound of ocean waves evokes a sense of calm, an awareness of peace.

What better feeling than sitting in the sea and listening to the waves crashing against your mind as you meditate on life.

The turbulence of the oceans rises and falls without hindrance and, in that moment, in the midst of the greatness of the sea, the anxieties and anxieties end with a steady flow.

Not surprisingly, people living along the coast report better health .

This is supported not only by research, but also by the fact that Hawaii has won the title of the happiest country in the US eight times since 2008 .

Based on the effects of promoting marine life, we have created Alpha Waves; recordings that bring the sound of the sea to your ears, wherever you are in the world.

How Alfa Waves Helps You Relax

Our Alpha Waves track uses real-time recordings of ocean waves, which are recorded using special ocean microphones.

At the bottom of the recording we have placed Alpha binaural bits, which help the waves to take the brain into a state of relaxation and flow.

There are many variations on the status of Alpha, but it is often associated with many positive benefits, including rest, concentration, and a state of inactivity flow at work.

Alpha is also a gateway to meditation, as well as a situation where people often feel a sense of light and float.

For this track, we used the Alpha wave range at 9, 10, and 11 Hertz, making the track more accessible to relaxation, thinking, and calm concentration.

How to Use Alpha Waves

Alpha Waves is a multi-purpose track you can get while you are cool or work hard at work.

Whether you want to escape to the beach to get a nine-hour episode, or you want to block the world while writing an important document, you can use Alpha Waves to stay there and relax but know without trying.

You need to wear headphones for our music to work properly.



Alpha Waves- Stress reduction-Relaxation

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